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You are successful.
You work hard.
Yet you wonder....

Is your financial plan creating enough cash flow and wealth for your current and future financial needs? If you are using traditional methods for saving and investment, then NO, your plan will fall short in the long term.

Traditional plans rely on you having a significant capital base, and perhaps an older style defined benefit pension plan that simply no longer exist. They fall short in the areas of time, capital sufficiency and returns required. They did not account for people living 25 to 30 years past retirement, instead of only seven to 10 years.

Academics have said recently that we should be putting away 25% of our gross income if we want to have enough for our retirement. So answer this: how is that possible when 40% of our income goes to income tax and 30 to 40% goes to interest on debt (the bank tax), leaving you with only 20 to 30% for living expenses and savings?

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Wherever you are on your financial path, we can help grow your wealth,
increase your cash flow and improve your quality of life.

Wealth Acceleration

Our Wealth Acceleration Plans transcend traditional methods by accelerating capital growth with guarantees on capital. Banks and major financial institutions have used acceleration systems and basic principles for years to amass great wealth and now, so can you. Simply put, if you are to survive and thrive, your retirement plan must reflect: the reality of longevity, the elimination of the retirement capital base, the explosive increases in the Senior's population and the increasing costs of Health Care, particularly Long Term Care.

We call this new era "Reality-Based Financial Planning" a concept that we have been voicing to our clients, peers and management leaders worldwide.

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Why choose Lauzon Financial Advisors as your trusted advisor?


A relationship with a financial advisor should be based on trust. A family's finances are personal and so very important to get professional advice with. Lauzon Financial has been a trusted a nd respected firm in Kelowna for over 38 years, and will continue to be here for many years to come.


At Lauzon Financial, we have access to tools and products that the big banks won't provide, and one-market "transactional" securities promoters can't offer. Our diverse range of tools and products allows us to create unique and long-term customized plans for our clients based on their needs, time-lines and risk tolerance. We are a one-stop shop for multi-market investment strategies and insurance needs.


38 years of creating, maintaining and managing wealth for our clients has provided us with an unrivaled level of experience in all facets of financial and insurance planning. We pass on this knowledge and experience to the benefit of our clients.


We understand that a relationship between a financial planner and a client is a long-term commitment, and plans are constantly in motion. We have longevity.


Come to Lauzon Financial for the experience, advice and solid financial plan, and stay for the heart. We can help you even if you believe you don't have the need or financial resources to seek the expertise of an advisor.